Carers Sail Free........

Policy Relating to Fares for Disabled Passengers and Carers

ChesterBoat’s policy relating to fares for disabled passengers and their carers is as follows:

Disabled passengers sail on our daytime sightseeing cruises at the Concession rate. The Concession rate for our daytime sightseeing cruises is as follows:

Half Hour City Cruise £6.50

2 Hour Iron Bridge Cruise £13.00

Each disabled passenger is then be permitted to have one carer to sail with them free of charge. Carers are required to display some form of ID or other relevant proof of entitlement such as a blue badge or a Personal Independence Payments letter (issued by the DWP benefit office).

If a disabled passenger has more than one carer with them, then the additional carer(s) would have to pay the concession rate.

If you would like information regarding the accessibility of our premises and our passenger vessels, please refer to our Access Statement.

If you have any questions prior to your visit, please do not hesitate to call us on 01244 325394 or email us at